domingo, julho 23, 2006

# CXXIV - Trauteando

(Passeio Alegre, Foz do Porto - Abril, 2006 - Voltará esta chuva?)

Volto sempre a certas canções, como quem volta à terra sua, procurando respirar os ares da saudade.

SUZANNE VEGA "Tom's Diner" - Acapella

I am sitting / In the morning / At the diner / On the corner
I am waiting / At the counter / For the man / To pour the coffee
And he fills it / Only halfway / And before I even argue / He is looking

Out the window / At somebody / Coming in
"It is always Nice to see you" / Says the man / Behind the counter
To the woman / Who has come in / She is shaking / Her umbrella
And I look / The other way / As they are kissing / Their hellos
And I'm pretending / Not to see them /And instead / I pour the milk
I open / Up the paper / There's a story / Of an actor

Who had died / While he was drinking
It was no one / I had heard of / And I'm turning / To the horoscope
And looking / For the funnies
When I'm feeling / Someone watching me / And so I raise my head
There's a woman / On the outside / Looking inside / Does she see me?
No she does not / Really see me / Cause she sees / Her own reflection
And I'm trying / Not to notice / That she's hitching / Up her skirt
And while she's / Straightening her stockings / Her hair / Is getting wet
Oh, this rain / It will continue / Through the morning
As I'm listening /To the bells / Of the cathedral

I am thinking/ Of your voice...
And of the midnight picnic / Once upon a time / Before the rain began...
And I finish up my coffee / And it's time to catch the train


2 comentários:

deep disse...

Já tinha saudade... ainda bem que há alguém que se vai lembrando destes temas mais velhinhos!:)

Quanto à Gal, também já consegui ouvir. O tema ganhou. Ela tem uma voz de que gosto.
Beijos e bom domingo.

Blogger disse...

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