domingo, setembro 12, 2010

# CDIII - Banjo & Bones


[Beleza e dignidade - Agst'10]

Do seu quinto álbum (Genuine Negro Jig) a canção número cinco. Os Carolina Chocolate Drops são uns artistas modernos, com uma vocalista enérgica, a fazer música soando ao modo antigo.

O álbum merece aprovação sem reservas - e traz uma versão excelente do tema da Peggy Lee retomado pela Jessica Rabbit (Why Don't You Do Right), no momento alto do filme Quem tramou Roger Rabbit.

Cornbread and Butterbeans
The Carolina Chocolate Drops
Traditional lyrics

Cornbread and butter beans and you across the table,
Eating beans and making love as long as I am able,
Hoeing corn and cotton too, and when the day is over,
Ride the mule, and cut the fool, and love again all over.

Goodbye. Don't you cry. I'm going to Lou'siana,
Barkin dog and a big fat hog and marry Suzy Anna.
Sing-song, ding-dong, I’ll take a trip to China,
Cornbread and butter beans, and back to North Carolina.

Wearing shoes and dranken booze it goes against the Bible.
A necktie will make you die and cause you lots of trouble.
Streetcars and whiskey bars and kissing pretty women.
Women yay that's the end of a terrible beginning.

I can't read and don't care and education's awful.
Raising heck and writing checks, it ought to be unlawful.
Silk clothes and frilly hose is just a waste of money.
Come with me and stay with me and say you'll be my honey.

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É só para para ler a letra? Não se pode ouvir?


tsiwari disse...

wandering : nos pc em que abri o post, ouve-se...